Become a True Japanese:
The Art of Rice Cultivation"

Immerse Yourself in Rural Japan: Learn and Experience Authentic Japanese Life Through a Farm Stay

About Us

Tsuji “Tarafuku” Rice Farm is located in Tsu-city, Mie Prefecture in the central area of Japan. The farm was founded with a mission to revitalize his historic home village by Takeshi Tsuji, formerly a manager at a factory specializing in precision aircraft engine parts. Our goal is to grow delicious rice using modern organic cultivation technology with scientific analysis of traditional methods. Through our endeavor from the rice paddies, we hope to introduce to the world our rice, as an important Japanese food culture.

We value creating a rural platform for global interaction centered around rice cultivation, a key part of Japanese culture. Tsuji Farm has welcomed many visitors, fostering new exchanges and technological explorations. We invite you to enjoy the food and human connections through rice cultivation, find new inspiration, and take back ideas and experiences to energize your daily life.

Immerse Yourself in true Japan

We offer four elements to help you understand true Japanese culture through rice farming.

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Exclusive Private Program

There are no other guests besides you. Experience the essence of Japanese hospitality and culture through a private program. This experience will create a home away from home for you.


Learn Traditional and Innovative Organic Rice Farming

Learn the techniques of traditional and innovative organic rice farming that cultivate the finest rice while preserving the environment. Advanced agricultural techniques that have won numerous awards will also be shared.


Stay inside of a Village with Over a Thousand Years of History

Stay within a Millennium village that has over a thousand years of history. Immerse yourself in the serene rural life, feeling the warmth of the people and the tranquility of the surroundings.

Learn How to Cook Japanese Rice

The foundation of Japanese cuisine is rice. Learn the secrets to cooking perfect Japanese rice. Understand and savor the rice harvested from the fields you’ve seen.

These are private, reservation-only experiences
that can be customized to meet your preferences.
Feel free to contact us.


‘TARAFUKU’ originally means ‘eat plenty, be happy.’ 

This tour includes the essence of ‘TARAFUKU’ by allowing you to savor four elements: the environment, people, food, and time.


Immerse in nature and tranquility.


Feel the warmth of locals' hospitality.


Enjoy Japanese rice and local flavors.


Savor doing nothing and pure relaxation.

Immerse in nature and tranquility.
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Feel the warmth of locals' hospitality.
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Enjoy Japanese rice and local flavors.
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Savor doing nothing and pure relaxation.
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Where We Are


 1211 Osato-mutsuai, Tsu, Mie 5140126 JAPAN

Due to our farm duties, we may not always be available to answer the phone.
 Please reach out to us via email.


Three Plans for Experiencing Real Rice Farming and Rural Life in Japan

Day Trip Experience

Experience a day in rural Japan farmland with temple meditation, a traditional Japanese lunch, and a hands-on rice farming workshop.

Farm Stay Experience

Enjoy a farm stay in Tsu, Mie, where you can participate in rice farming, interact with locals, and savor home-cooked meals.

Intensive Training Pgm

Join us for a 30-day immersive experience to learn the latest Japanese rice farming techniques through hands-on participation and expert guidance.

Imagine Your Stay in Rice Farm

"Welcoming Those Who Aspire to Become Japanese Through Rice Farming"

Takeshi Tsuji (Tad)
-Owner founder Tsuji “Tarafuku” Rice Farm-